DUI Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers
DUI car insurance has different requirements, depending on where a policyholder lives, in order to satisfy
state compliance. Only qualified applicants will be issued a suitable policy. Each state legislature
determines the insurance requirements that need to be met for a policy to qualify for a convicted driver,
and such a policy is generally the last step before driving privileges are restored. Keep in mind that a
qualified DUI insurance policy may be a car insurance policy, motorcycle policy, or an operator's policy
where there is no vehicle to insure. A good shopping strategy will keep rates lower, especially where
companies are competing for this type of business such as right here in Florida.

FR44 Insurance in Florida: Common Questions With Complete Answers
This article is a great place to begin learning about FR44 insurance. The most common questions are
answered in detail, giving anyone a clear understanding of what to look for and expect when shopping for
FR44 insurance. These are the questions you will find answers for: What are the requirements that need to
be met for a FR44 policy? How quickly can I reinstate my license after I purchase a policy? How much will
the FR44 insurance policy cost? Can I cancel my FR44 insurance policy? Are companies offering a monthly
payment plan for the FR44 insurance policy? How will I know when my FR44 requirement is no longer

FR44 Insurance in Florida: Smart Tips and Helpful Hints
It has only been since 2008 that this State has changed the rules for their convicted drivers. Many agents
and most consumers are unfamiliar with this policy type. The information here is not well-known and is
invaluable to those in need. Securing a low cost policy and getting your license reinstated quickly is not a
problem when you have the right information.

Florida FR44 Insurance Filing Without a Car
Whether you received a DUI driving a car or motorcycle, operating a boat or jet ski, or some other vehicle,
the requirements to reinstate your license are going to include proof of liability insurance. For many people
a driver license is not just a privilege but a necessity, like those who need a valid license to keep their job.
Simply doing without insurance after a DUI is not a choice for them and a typical car insurance policy with
FR44 may be unaffordable. Thankfully they have alternatives for buying insurance without a car to file their
FR44 and receive a reinstated license.

FLORIDA DUI INSURANCE | Made easy for FR44 Filing!
Many drivers immediately think about the effect on their auto insurance after a mishap. The insurance
dilemma caused by DUI in Florida is difficult and complicated while the stakes are high. The tough part is
finding a policy at an affordable rate. This infraction on your MVR will obviously increase your rates.  Just
as obvious is the fact you should not overpay. Drivers deserve excellent service from their agent and
company no matter what appears on their MVR.

Florida FR44 Insurance for DUI Drivers
In 2007 the Florida legislature enacted new rules and procedures for convicted drivers by implementing
Florida FR44 insurance requirements. Previously, A Florida SR22 filing was required for these drivers.
The main difference is higher liability limits for DUI policyholders. Some companies will not offer a policy to a
driver convicted of DUI and others will surcharge excessively. Others have realized profitable results and
welcome these policies. Remember that an FR-44 or an SR-22 does not stay with you forever.

FLORIDA FR44 AUTO INSURANCE - What you need to know
As of May 4th 2012, policies with FR44 filing may not be cancelled by the insured or company after 30
days. The initial 30 day period is to allow the insurance company to complete its underwriting. This will
ensure that a DUI driver will have continuous FR44 insurance with 100/300/50 liability for at least 6 months.
From now on, most companies will only offer a paid in full bill plan for such policies. Foremost company will
offer Florida FR44 insurance quotes with monthly payments for some drivers.

Florida FR44 Insurance – FAQ
Key questions and full complete answers are provided here. Many drivers are not getting their questions
answered or are given incorrect or incomplete answers by their current agent or company. Many
companies will cancel or non-renew the current policy of a DUI driver. When policyholders search for a
replacement they frequently find agents without the necessary experience. If you are in the midst of such
circumstances, avoid the common mistake of assuming no company or agent wants your business.

Car Insurance with DUI
If you made this mistake don’t feel too bad because it happens all the time. Under the right circumstances
just one drink can cause an illegal blood alcohol level. Drivers are often treated like dangerous criminals
when buying car insurance after DUI. Purchasing a policy can be surprisingly pleasant compared to what
most drivers expect when shopping for this type of policy.

How Much Is DUI Insurance? Probably Less Than You Think!
How much a policy is for you matters most. Not as obvious is how much you can affect rates with careful
planning. Where you live is the most important factor and in Florida high limits are required. Finding the
lowest rate from competing companies is the same as shopping for any policy. Remember to examine all
options, discover every discount, and compare rates. There are three main ways to shop and buy
insurance, and there are pros and cons to each. Find out the best way to get a policy with a low rate.

Florida DUI Insurance: Raised Limits, Rate Hikes, Tough Choices
Liability requirements for DUI insurance are a minimum of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident of
Bodily Injury Liability and $50,000 of Property Damage Liability. Anyone can become a victim of an impaired
driver so the elevated liability limits help protect everyone. Higher limits and costly insurance are also
effective deterrents against repeat offenders. Help is available from certain companies, there are agents
that specialize in this area, and both are not difficult to find.

FR44 Florida Auto Insurance Facts For DUI Drivers
Most consumers and many insurance agents are totally unfamiliar with Florida FR44 insurance, and recent
changes have added to the confusion. The FR44 filing process must be completed successfully before a
Florida DUI driver can reinstate their license. Policyholders and insurance professionals alike need to avail
themselves of the facts to eliminate the confusion. Get the facts you need.

Florida DUI Insurance and FR44 Filing Process to Reinstate License
The filing process is often the final step to reinstate a driver license and regain driving privileges.
The FR44 form and filing (Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate) is the method used to verify
insurance compliance for convicted DUI drivers. The Certificate (Form) is filed (submitted) to the Florida
Bureau of Financial Responsibility electronically by the insurance company after policy purchase.

Florida Drivers Convicted of DUI Must Submit Form FR-44 to the Bureau of Financial Responsibility
The Fr-44 form replaces the Sr-22 form previously required for persons convicted of a DUI. Forms are
submitted to Florida's Bureau of Financial Responsibility by insurance companies on behalf of the
policyholder. Failure to maintain the requirement will result in driver's license and vehicle registration
suspensions. Companies are required to notify the Bureau of Financial Responsibly if a policy is
cancelled by submitting form Fr-46 to the bureau.

How Much Will Car Insurance Go Up With a DUI?
The FR44 policy has more rules and restrictions that ultimately increase the price for convicted drivers.
How much car insurance will go up with a DUI comes down to how well a policyholder in this circumstance
shops around. Each individual circumstance is different. Drivers can soften the impact of rate increases
with a good strategy. Fortunately, there are companies that do not discourage DUI applicants and instead
compete for these polices with low rates and payment plans.

Florida FR-44 Insurance Filing Fee and Other Related Costs
The filing fee for the "Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR-44" is 15.00 dollars. Not too
bad, however, the other additional insurance costs related to the DUI can be quite severe. Increased
coverage, point surcharge, and rate tier assessment combine to skyrocket the policy premium (price) for
DUI drivers. Keep in mind FR44 insurance is for DUI drivers only; other high risk drivers file SR22.

Florida FR44 Filing by a Motorcycle Insurance Policy Costs Far Less
Different rules affecting motorcycle insurance in Florida are often overlooked by DUI drivers and insurance
agents. The elimination of PIP along with lower liability rates and easier qualifying makes a motorcycle
policy a sensible choice for DUI drivers. This is a practical and lower cost method to gain compliance and is
often welcomed news for convicted drivers. A smart shopper can easily secure affordable Florida FR44
insurance, especially with a motorcycle policy.
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